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Take charge of your energy generation and achieve energy independence.

There is no need for you to worry about outages or load reduction once you have your Solar System installed by Solargrid. We will be there for you all along the process to clean energy generation and maintenance.

We understand how Solar can seem complicated but let us simplify it for you.

The main components for your home solar system will include the Solar PV panels, Inverter and battery storage. Below, we have the examples of the type of information that our technicians would request prior to the site visit or virtual consultation.

Residential Solar

Providing industry leading Rooftop Solar + Battery Storage Systems

Solar Plans

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Commercial & Industrial Solar Maintenance

Let us keep your system efficient & clean.

Solar Panels

Generate clean energy using Solar Panels and contribute to a sustainable planet.

Financing Plans

Find a financing plan that works for you and start producing your own clean Solar energy.

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Backup Battery Storage

Enjoy uninterrupted power during outages, you won’t be left in the dark with Solargrid.

Tips from Solargrid

Learn how to increase energy efficiency in your home.

Understanding Solar

Have a look at articles, videos and FAQs to learn more on how to go solar or to improve your current system.

Keeping up with the rules

Stay up to date with the current laws and regulations around Residential Solar Power in South Africa

Let us achieve a sustainable future together.

Understand Solar

Information relating to going Solar

Solar Plans

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